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Work Permit in Cyprus

Work Permit in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Work-Permit-in-CyprusCypriot work permits for EU citizens

EU citizens are allowed to enter Cyprus without being required to register when first arriving to the country. They are required to register if they want to extend their staying for over three months or if they are seeking employment in Cyprus.

If seeking employment in Cyprus, foreign citizens must register with the Immigration Branch of the Police and apply for an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC) within eight days of their arrival. The second step will be to register for social insurance number with the relevant authorities. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, foreign citizens must apply for residency in Cyprus with the Civil Registration and Migration Department. The application for a Cypriot residence permit must be submitted before the three-months period for staying in the country expires.

What are the documents required when applying for a Cypriot work permit?

EU citizens applying for residency and employment visas in Cyprus must submit the following documents:

  • - valid passport or identity card,
  • - the employment contract duly stamped by the Labor Department, clearly showing the economic activity code of the Cypriot company providing employment,
  • - an application form and proof of payment fees,
  • - a criminal record,
  • - a bank letter of guarantee  showing the deposit of a sum ranging between 300 and 850 euros depending on the nationality of the applicant

Foreign citizens must know that they are allowed to start working before their residence permit is issued. The residence permits for employment purposes has five-year validity. Employment permits are also released for seasonal workers in Cyprus. The Cypriot seasonal employment permit has a validity of three months.

Employment permits for foreign companies hiring personnel in Cyprus

Foreign companies may also hire personnel in their offices in Cyprus provided that they meet certain requirements. However, foreign companies must first apply for temporary residence and employment permits for their employees. Foreign companies are allowed to employ executive directors, general and departmental managers, consulting directors or partners. In case of partners, the foreign company must notify the Cypriot Companies Registrar. Foreign companies are also allowed to hire middle-management and executive management staff.

For complete information about employment requirements and visa application please contact our lawyers in Cyprus.




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