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Virtual Office in Cyprus

Virtual Office in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

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The virtual office offers a wide range of communication solutions and address services without the use of a physical office space.

Our law firm can provide you with a full range of such type of services customized to any type of Cypriot company.

Communication services in a Cypriot virtual office

Our Cypriot law firm offers you the possibility of setting up a virtual office with the following communication facilities:



  1. local phone number in Nicosia with answering services in order to receive and transmit information and requests directly to your office;
  2. voicemail service that will store and convert voice messages into e-mails and send them to your e-mail address or fax machine;
  3. call redirection services in order to get receive your calls directly to your office;
  4. fax number where we can collect your faxes and then send them to you.

Space services for virtual offices in Cyprus

We can provide you with a virtual office space in Nicosia, where you can get a prestigious registered office address without spending money on the rental in case you want to start a business in Cyprus. We can also help you set your professional address as a mailbox where you can receive, send and forward your mail without the implications of postal office services. We can provide business meeting spaces and conference rooms whenever you need. In your full service virtual office in Cyprus you can benefit from broadband internet connection for quick communication, an all-in-one fax-copier-printer, advanced phone machines equipped with conference calling and video calling features.

Advantages of the virtual office in Cyprus

The Cypriot virtual office provides you with high professional services for an affordable price. You can also benefit from good office reputation without actually having a physical office at the registered office while your clients will have in mind the picture of a traditional prestigious office. The virtual office in Cyprus will also offer you the chance to expand in whichever city you want without a great impact on your expenses. Today’s technology offers you the benefit of portability throughout the virtual office, therefore the flexibility of choosing where you want to work from.  You will be able to keep up with the latest trends as the business market also tends to move toward the online environment.

Our lawyers in Cyprus offer you advice on many legal matters such as registering a business or a virtual office. You can also contact our Cypriot attorneys in order to be up to date with the latest provisions about the Cypriot Employment law.



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