Verification of a Company in Cyprus

Verification of a Company in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 28th April 2016

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Verification-of-a-company-in-CyprusVerifying a Cypriot company

Company verification is a common procedure nowadays. More and more foreign investors doing business in Cyprus have started to employ different verification procedures in order to ensure the success of their companies. One has several options when verifying a company in Cyprus. One of these options is company due diligence which can be performed by local specialists or lawyers in Cyprus.

Our law firm also provides company due diligence procedures which are usually tailored to our clients’ requests. You can address to us for information related to the available procedures related to company verification in Cyprus.

Verification of a company with the Cypriot Trade Register

Company due diligence can be performed by conducting a search on the enterprise with Companies Register in Cyprus or with the EU Business Register. The local Trade Register provides information related to the following:

  • -          shareholders,
  • -          encumbrances,
  • -          bankruptcy procedures,
  • -          debts.

This information can also be accessed with the EU Business Register which interconnected with the Cyprus Companies Registrar. The EU Business Register is much more accessible to foreign investors seeking information about a Cypriot company without coming to the country.

Verifying a Cypriot company with the European Commission

As an EU member state, the Cypriot authorities have made available a wide range of information about companies registered here with several EU central authorities. One of them is the European Commission (EC) that holds and regularly updates information about companies in Cyprus. In order to verify a company with the European Commission one needs its VAT number.

Other ways of verifying a company in Cyprus

Apart from the ways enumerated above, company verification in Cyprus can also be made with other local authorities according to the specific of the company. Foreign entrepreneurs can find out information about a company in Cyprus with the relevant authorities in the company’s field of activity.

Our law firm in Cyprus can provide you with a list with all authorities you can verify a company with. In order to make the search easier and to save time and money you can request our services. You can also contact us if you want to open a company in Cyprus.