Transportation Regulations in Cyprus

Transportation Regulations in Cyprus

Updated on Monday 07th September 2015

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Transportation-Regulations-in-CyprusLegislation on transportation in Cyprus

Cyprus has a vast legislation providing for land transportation. The Cypriot land transportation regulations are overseen by the Department of Road Transport which is governed by the Ministry of Communications and Work. Road transport services are a part of the private sector, as provided by the Cypriot land transportation legislation. The main legal frameworks governing land transportation in Cyprus are:

  • -          the Motor Vehicles Act of 1968,
  • -          the Public Transportation’s Traffic Act of 1982,
  • -          the Law on Road Transport of Dangerous Goods of 2010.

Other Cypriot laws on land transportation refer to vehicle registration and drivers’ education.

Transportation in Cyprus

All vehicles, whether owned by Cypriot citizens or companies are required to obtain all the necessary licenses with the Licensing Authority within the Department of Road Transport. The Department is also in charge with:

  • -          the implementation of governmental decrees referring to road services provided to the public,
  • -          verification of vehicles before issuing their circulating licenses,
  • -          issuance of driving licenses for Cypriot citizens and residents.

The Department has also implemented a financial scheme through which Cypriot companies are encouraged to invest in the public transportation network. You can obtain more information about the Department of Road Transport’s scheme from our lawyers in Cyprus.

Licenses for land transportation in Cyprus

All vehicles must have a motor vehicle license issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles in Cyprus. Buses and other means of public transportation must obtain a special license issued by the Cypriot Licensing Authority. Public service licenses have a five-year validity period.

All vehicles in Cyprus must also have insurances. Third party insurances are issued by Cypriot insurance companies and must be obtained before driving a vehicle on public roads. Also, all types of vehicles must go through a mechanical inspection before registration in Cyprus.

Cyprus is also a signatory member of several international conventions, among which the most important is the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods Cover of TIR Carnets.

For complete information about road transportation regulations, please contact our law firm in Cyprus.