Tenant Eviction in Cyprus

Tenant Eviction in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 12th December 2017

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tenant-eviction-in-cyprus.jpgThe rental market in Cyprus is made of two different categories: the houses which are governed by the Rent Control Law (1983) and the free market. The Rent Control Law and its more recent amendments are applied to tenancies of residential or business real estates which qualify as “Controlled Areas”, like towns, suburbs, as well as rural centers, which were built before 29 December 1995. In this article, our lawyers in Cyprus outline a few important aspects related to the tenant eviction in Cyprus.

Tenant eviction according to the Rent Control Law in Cyprus

Real estate properties in Cyprus which are governed by the Rent Control Law fall under the jurisdiction of the Rent Control Courts and the free market ones are subject to civil litigation.
A Rent Control Court has the power to settle matters in connection with the recovery of possession of controlled rent real estate and the establishment of fair rent, as well as other aspects connected to such a real estate. Our Cypriot lawyers can provide more details on this matter. 
Tenant eviction in Cyprus is quite a difficult procedure. The Rent Control Law established the concept of “statutory tenant” which falls under the jurisdiction of the Rent Control Courts and which states that such a tenant cannot be evicted except if a court order is issued and under certain conditions which are stipulated by the law.
Statutory tenants are offered a solid protection on their rights of possession of a rented real estate so that the landlord cannot take advantage of his or her position and ask for a higher rent or so that the tenant is not evicted without solid grounds. Our attorneys in Cyprus can offer assistance related to tenant eviction in this country.

When is tenant eviction possible in Cyprus?

Our lawyers in Cyprus would like to mention, though, that tenant eviction in Cyprus is possible in one of the following three cases:
If the tenant did not pay the rent;
In case the landlord needs the property for himself or herself or for family members or his or her dependent parents;
In case the landlord wants to demolish and rebuild the property, or when an important alteration or rebuilding is due and the recovery of possession of the real estate is absolutely needed.
In case you need to know more about the landlord and tenant legislation in Cyprus, or for assistance in opening a company in this country, please get in touch with our Cypriot law firm.