Set up a Company in the Healthcare Field in Cyprus

Set up a Company in the Healthcare Field in Cyprus

Updated on Friday 27th March 2020

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set-up-a-company-in-the-healthcare-field-in-cyprus.jpgCyprus has the potential of becoming the next healthcare hub for international companies which activate in the field. Healthcare businesses are facing a more demanding and aggressive agenda, since the country is rapidly growing into an important international healthcare center.
Our lawyers in Cyprus possess extensive experience in helping our clients open businesses in Cyprus in the healthcare field.

The healthcare sector in Cyprus

The healthcare field in Cyprus finds itself at an exciting turning point, with new updates on the national health scheme (NHS) which are about to happen.
This restructuring, which is planned to end by 2020, will comprise important changes and automation. The country, though, is better known from outside for its high quality medical research and healthcare professionals. Our Cypriot lawyers can offer more details on these changes from a legal point of view.
The medical sector is extremely likely to further develop in Cyprus, since it has great medical infrastructure, state-of-the-art hospitals, laboratories and other diagnostic clinics.
The healthcare services in Cyprus are easily accessible and cost-effective. These facts, in conjunction with a large number of highly educated healthcare professionals and expert services, are rapidly turning the island into a medical tourism hub in the Mediterranean area and even further.
The country has pleasant climatic conditions all year long, which make it an attractive destination for medical tourists coming from all over the world.
However, most of these tourists are coming from UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and the Middle East and they are looking for dental and cosmetic procedures. Our attorneys in Cyprus can provide more information on this matter.

Types of medical companies in Cyprus

In 2013, the Cyprus House of Ministers voted an amendment to the medical legislation which enables doctors who offer medical services to establish and operate private companies.
Medical companies in Cyprus can be:
General partnerships;
Limited partnerships.
Our Cypriot lawyers can assist you in setting up any of these types of companies.
If you would like to know more about the healthcare field in Cyprus, or for assistance in opening a company in this sector here, please contact our law firm in Cyprus.