Resolve Employment Disputes in Cyprus

Resolve Employment Disputes in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 31st March 2016

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Resolve-Employment-Disputes-in-Cyprus.jpgNatural persons or legal entities that are involved in an employment dispute in Cyprus should be familiar with the local legislation applicable in this field. Cypriot legislation represents a mixture between the legal principles applied in the English and Greek systems; the main rule of law for the employment disputes in Cyprus is the Industrial Relations Code. Persons who need legal assistance in a labor dispute in Cyprus can receive advice from our team of Cypriot lawyers


Mediation of employment litigation in Cyprus 

According to the provisions of the Industrial Relations Code, persons involved in a labor dispute can first appeal to the mediation procedure, which is carried out by the Cypriot Department of Labor Relations; the institution can provide assistance for the private sector and for semi-government entities. 
The main purpose of mediation is to change the relations between the parties involved in such a manner that both parties could agree upon the situation and settle the case; our team of lawyers can assist you with the types of labor disputes which can be supervised by the Institution. 

Types of employment disputes in Cyprus 

An employment dispute can arise from the breach of the employment contract, action which can be performed by either of the contracting parties (employer or employee). 
The most representative types of employment litigation are the following:
disputes arising from the interpretation of the employment agreements. A complaint of an employee is firstly analyzed by the employer; in various situations, representatives of the union can also participate at the meeting. If the meeting fails to provide a solution acceptable to the parts, the case will be further analyzed by the Department of Labor Relations;
disputes that can arise when the parties negotiate on a collective agreement. 
Conflicts arising in the work environment can be addressed to the Labor Disputes Court, but only those types of conflicts which refer to violations of the provisions of the Labor Law
If you need further information on the employment disputes in Cyprus, please contract our team of Cypriot lawyers for advice or legal representation.