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Relocation to Cyprus

Relocation to Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Relocation-to-CyprusRelocation regulations in Cyprus

Foreign citizens relocating to Cyprus are subject to different regulation depending on their country of origin. While citizens coming from EU countries are not required to apply for residence permits when coming Cyprus, citizens from non-EU countries have the possibility to obtain a temporary or permanent residence visa provided that they meet certain requirements. Cyprus also has different advantageous residence schemes for foreign investors.

In order to find out what the requirements for your country are you can ask our lawyers in Cyprus.

What are the documents that must be prepared when relocating to Cyprus?

In order to make sure everything is in order, certain documents must be obtained or translated several weeks before relocating to Cyprus. Some of the documents to be obtained are the Cypriot work or residence permit and the passport. Other documents required when relocating to Cyprus are:

  • - the birth certificate,
  • - the marriage certificate, if any,
  • - the social security cards,
  • - medical records,
  • - health and property insurance policies,
  • - diplomas and employment records,
  • - proof of residency if any Cypriot property was bought.

Also, foreign citizens bringing their vehicle to Cyprus must make sure all insurance requirements are met.

Importing personal goods when relocating to Cyprus

Cyprus has different regulations for EU and non-EU citizens relocating to Cyprus when it comes to importing their personal effects into the country. EU citizens are allowed to import their goods by sea freight or by air freight. Depending on the selected way to relocate the goods to Cyprus, foreign citizens must include a packing list and different transportation documents. There are no import duties or VAT for EU citizens bringing their personal goods to Cyprus.

Non-EU citizens are also allowed to move their goods by sea or by air in case of relocation to Cyprus. However, they are required to submit the following documents when importing their personal belongings to Cyprus:

Foreign citizens may also benefit from import duty exemptions and Cypriot value added tax if they supply the following documents:

  • - proof of residence in a non-EU country for at least 12 months,
  • - proof of the goods being imported within 12 of relocation to Cyprus,
  • - proof that the goods are owned by the applicant for at least 6 months.

For details about residence permits and other relocation requirements please contact our law firm in Cyprus.




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