Trademark Registration in Cyprus

Register a Trademark in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 16th July 2020

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Register-a-Trademark-in-Cyprus Natural persons and companies have the right to apply for trademark registration in Cyprus, according to the national legislation applicable here. Having a trademark registered in this country will mean enhanced protection against third parties of their rights on a specific sign.
Foreign citizens and business owners can also apply for trademark registration in Cyprus, however, they can also benefit from extended protection at international level (including in their countries of origin) as Cyprus is also a member of several conventions.
If you want to register a trademark in this country and need assistance, our Cypriot lawyers are at your service for complete support during the procedure.
You can rely on us if you are a foreign citizens interested in trademark registration in Cyprus.

Legislation protecting trademarks in Cyprus

Cyprus has a very rigorous legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights. When it comes to trademarks, the following laws are meant to protect those who register a trademark in Cyprus. Based on international legislation, Cyprus adhered to all EU Directives, but also to:
  • the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property,
  • the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Convention,
  • the Madrid Protocol,
  • the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
At national level, Cyprus has the Trademarks Law or Chapter 268 and the Case law.
The  trademark registration in Cyprus is quite simple compared to other jurisdictions.

The trademark under the Cypriot legislation

At a national level, the main laws that provide for trademark registration in Cyprus are the Trade Marks Law, which was last amended in 2006, and the Control of the Movement of Goods Infringing the Intellectual Property Rights Law of 2018.
According to these two important laws which have been altered in order to provide enhanced protection, a trademark can take the form of signs, letters, numbers, words, colors and shapes which can be combined together in a manner that is unique and makes it possible to be used by itself to represent the goods and/or services it was designed for.
There are several types of trademarks that can be registered in Cyprus. These are:
  1. simple trademarks which are the easiest and cheapest to register;
  2. service marks which are used for designating the service provided by a company or person;
  3. collective marks which are used for designating a group of products or services;
  4. certification marks which are marks that have met certain standards before being registered.
Our law firm in Cyprus can help you understand the type of trademark you need to register in accordance with the type of services or products you want to protect.
If you have a business and are interested in trademark registration in Cyprus for its trading name, you can rely on our lawyers.

The main ways of registering a trademark in Cyprus

There are several ways through which a trademark registration certificate can be obtained by a natural person or company in Cyprus. The first one implies filing the application form with the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry. There are also the options of registering a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) or with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) by mentioning Cyprus as contracting state.
It is also useful to note that foreign citizens and companies can register trademarks in Cyprus without being residents of this country.
The trademark registration process in Cyprus takes a few months to complete, therefore it is important to start it as soon as possible.

Steps and documents for trademark registration in Cyprus

The following steps must be completed when registering a trademark in Cyprus:
  1. the filing of the documents with the selected Registrar;
  2. the examination of the trademark;
  3. the publication of the trademark in the Official Gazette;
  4. the issuance of the Certificate of Registration.
When it comes to the documents that need to be filed, the following must be considered:
  • the application form;
  • a description of the trademark and the services/products it will represent;
  • a graphic representation of the trademark;
  • proof of payment of the application fee;
  • the power of attorney when the application is made through a proxy.
As mentioned earlier, our lawyers in Cyprus can handle the registration procedure which can take up to 9 months and provide regular updates on the stage of the process. Our lawyers can handle the registration process of any type of trademark based on a power of attorney.
You can rely on us during the entire trademark registration procedure in Cyprus.

Trademark registration procedure in Cyprus

The trademark registration procedure can only by conducted by lawyers in Cyprus. In order to register a trademark in Cyprus, the lawyer will need a power of attorney and a filled application form, called Form TM2. The application must be filed separately for each class of products or services. The power of attorney, however, may be general.
Once the application is filed, the Cypriot Trademark Registrar will examine the petition and publish it in the Official Gazette for two months. During these two months anyone with a solid reason may file for trademark opposition. If no opposition is registered, the Cypriot Registrar will issue a registration certificate with a copy of the trademark.
Trademarks in Cyprus have seven-year validity from the initial registration and may be renewed for 14 years after the first 7 years. 

What are the requirements for Cypriot trademarks?

Once the application is filed, the Registrar must examine the trademark and make sure it complies with all legal requirements. In order to be registered, a Cypriot trademark must respect the following requirements:
  • it must be distinctive,
  • it must not resemble any  previously registered trademark,
  • it must not deceive the public it is intended for.
Based on these requirements, the Registrar may approve the registration of the trademark, may approve the registration under certain conditions, may request the application to be amended or may refuse the registration. The Registrar’s decision may be appealed before the Cypriot Supreme Court.
The trademark registration in Cyprus can be handled by our our attorneys.

Trademark registration services in Cyprus

Our Cyprus law firm can assist local and foreign citizens and companies through the registration procedures of their trademarks in order to avoid possible complications that can delay the issuance of the Certificates of Registration. Such delays can be caused by missing paperwork or even refusal of registration. This is why we can first perform a search on the selected trademark in order to make sure it will not be refused.
If you have any questions or need information about our services and the trademark registration process in Cyprus, you can request details from our lawyers.

Statistics on IP registration in Cyprus

According to WIPO, Cyprus has been registering a constant increase in the number of IP applications, among which trademarks occupy the first place. At the level of 2018:
  • there were 58,063 trademark class applications in Cyprus;
  • among these, 2,740 trademark class applications were filed locally be Cypriot residents, while 2,975 were filed by non-residents;
  • there were also 432 patent applications filed in this country;
  • industrial design applications have also reached 10,617 applications.
For complete details about the protection of intellectual property rights and the trademark registration procedure, you can contact our law firm in Cyprus.