Purchasing a Domain Name in Cyprus

Purchasing a Domain Name in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Purchasing-a-Domain-Name-in-CyprusCountry top-level domain name in Cyprus

In order to open an online company in Cyprus one must apply for domain name registration. The country top-level domain (TLD) name in Cyprus is .cy and it is also recommended to register a website with the .cy domain name if operating within the country. However, the registration of a .cy domain is limited to Cypriot residents or to companies and organizations within the governmental structures. In order to purchase a domain name in Cyprus, one must provide the personal identification number in case of individuals, or the business registration numbers for companies. For other types of Cypriot companies the domain may be employed without any restrictions.

Second-level domain names in Cyprus

The University of Cyprus administers .cy domain names in the country. If the .cy domain name is limited to certain organizations only, the Country Code TLD Registrar provides other second-level domain names (SLD) for other types of entities, among which the above-mentioned Depending on the type of activities the Cypriot company will undertake the following SLD names are available:

  • - for academies and research institutions,
  • - for internet providers,
  • - for governmental institutions,
  • - for non-profit organizations (NGOs),
  • - for natural persons,
  • - for Cypriot registered trademarks,
  • - for limited companies,
  • - for other types of companies,
  • - for media companies.

Domain name registration in Cyprus

Cypriot individuals or companies registering a domain name are required to enter an agreement of registration with the University of Cyprus. When concluding the agreement, the applicant will select one of the .cy domain names provided by the Registrar. In exchange for a fee, the Registrar will grant the applicant a license to use the domain name. Cypriot domain name licenses are issued for limited periods of time, but may be renewed. Domain names may be initially registered for a maximum period of two calendar years. Domain names in Cyprus are also subject to other regulations issued by the Registrar.

For complete information about domain name registration and applicable fees, please contact our Cypriot lawyers.