Private Property Laws in Cyprus

Private Property Laws in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Private-Property-Laws-in-CyprusThe protection of Cypriot private property

The Cypriot legal system is based on the English common law system, but starting 1960 the country has lined it up with the EU regulations. Cyprus has singed many international conventions and treaties starting with double taxation agreements for taxation matters to treaties for the protection of private property of both local and foreign citizens. The legislation on intellectual private property protection is also extensive as the island is part of many international conventions on the protection of copyrights and trademarks in Cyprus.

The Cypriot laws on the protection of private property

Like in all democracies, the right to own property is protected by the Constitution in Cyprus. Article 23 in the Constitution allows each individual to purchase real estate property in Cyprus. The right of holding real estate extends to foreign citizens wanting to live in Cyprus. The right to private property is also protected by the international conventions Cyprus adopted, but also by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Other general legal frameworks referring to the protection of private property in Cyprus are the Contract Law that regulates transactions that also include property. The Cypriot Civil Code also contains provisions regarding the protection of private property. Moreover, general rules regarding private property are contained by the Wills and Succession Law and the Trustees Act.

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Specific legislation for the protection of private property in Cyprus

Cyprus has specific laws that refer specifically to immovable property. The first and most important law for the protection of private property is the Immovable Property Law or Chapter 224. The Cypriot Immovable Property Law contains provisions about the registration, disposition and valuation procedure of an immovable property. It also contains provisions about the Cypriot Land Office system that is unique. The Sale of Land Law or Chapter 232 refers to the conditions immovable properties can be sold in Cyprus. The last specific law on the protection of private property in Cyprus is the Acquisition of Immovable Property Law or Chapter 109 that was adopted by the government in order to prevent exploitation of land. However, foreign entities are not affected by these rules enjoying the same benefits as Cypriot citizens when purchasing a property.

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