Opening a Catering Business in Cyprus

Opening a Catering Business in Cyprus

Updated on Saturday 08th December 2018

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Opening-a-catering-business-in-Cyprus.jpgForeign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the food and beverages industry can open restaurants or catering businesses in Cyprus. In the last few years, the catering sector has gained more popularity, as a large portion of the population of Cyprus started ordering from such establishments.

Starting a catering business in Cyprus implies respecting the same regulations as to when opening a restaurant and applying for specific licenses which allow the company to operate. One will also need to register a business with the Trade Register before starting operating as a catering company in Cyprus.

Our lawyers in Cyprus explain the requirements related to setting up a catering business here.

Obtaining a catering license in Cyprus

Both local and foreign citizens are allowed to open catering businesses in Cyprus provided that they apply for a catering license with the Tourism Organization. Foreigners coming from a non-EU country are also required to obtain a residence permit in order to open a catering company in Cyprus.

Our Cypriot lawyers can help foreign investors who want to register their own catering companies in this country.

Requirements for opening a catering business in Cyprus

The first requirement related to opening a Cyprus catering company implies obtaining a planning or a construction permit from the city hall. The first permit will allow the future business owner to renovate an existing building for the purpose of preparing and serving food, while the second one will allow the business owner to build a new construction for the catering company.

Another important aspect to consider when starting a catering company is the qualification of the manager who must be authorized by the Tourism Organization.

Documents needed when setting up a Cyprus catering company

The following documents must be prepared when opening a catering business in Cyprus:

  • -          a copy of the property title of the catering establishment or of the lease contract;
  • -          the personal information of the business owner (ID or passport);
  • -          a declaration of the company’s owner in which the opening of the business is announced;
  • -          information about the manager of the Cyprus catering establishment;
  • -          the health certificate which attests to complying with the health requirements imposed by the Ministry for Health;
  • -          information about the company under the form of the Articles of Association;
  • -          the residence permit of the business owner, in case he or she is a non-EU citizen.

Our law firm in Cyprus can help you open a catering business in this country, do not hesitate to contact us.