Open an Advertising Company in Cyprus

Open an Advertising Company in Cyprus

Updated on Monday 07th May 2018

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open-an-advertising-company-in-cyprus.jpgAn advertising agency is a company which specializes in various areas, like interactive advertising, or it can be a full-time service agency which generates many advertising materials, such as websites, social and online campaigns, catalogs and so on. 
As follows, our lawyers in Cyprus explain different aspects related to opening an advertising company in Cyprus.

Why advertise in Cyprus?

Advertising in Cyprus keeps the clients of a company updated on the new products or services of a company in this country.
This helps build awareness about the products or services which can be used by consumers and potential clients. Therefore, the main objective of advertising is to help to sell a company’s products or services.
Our Cypriot lawyers can assist entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up an advertising agency here.

How do I start an advertising company?

In order to open a successful advertising company in Cyprus, follow these main steps:
  1. - Join a partner: in order to share the burdens of the work, it is advisable to find a partner whom you know and you can trust;
  2. - Get a physical office: to be able to build a strong reputation in front of the big clients you need to attract, demonstrate to them that you are legitimate and serious;
  3. - Build a brand: the brand is one of the most important aspects of your advertising agency in Cyprus. This way, you can charge the right prices;
  4. - Other steps: our attorneys in Cyprus can provide more details on what these other steps consist of.

What is the most popular form of an advertising agency in Cyprus?

The most popular legal entity of an advertising agency in Cyprus is the limited liability company.
This type of entity is regulated by the Company Law in Cyprus, Chapter 113. It can be a holding, property or a general trading business.
Our Cypriot law firm has assisted numerous entrepreneurs to set up such a company in the island.
If you require further information about setting up an advertising agency in Cyprus, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our law firm in Cyprus.