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Open a Restaurant in Cyprus

Open a Restaurant in Cyprus

Updated on Monday 28th August 2017

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open-a-restaurant-in-cyprus.jpgThe food industry is one of the oldest and most developed sectors in economies all over the world. In Cyprus, there are numerous well established, romantic and luxury restaurants, as well as takeaways in towns and villages. In this article, our lawyers in Cyprus explain the different aspects connected to setting up a Cypriot restaurant.

The food industry in Cyprus

In the last several years, Cyprus has registered an increase in certain food market groups, like the vegetarian or vegan sector, which has accelerated the demand for protein sources and the utilization of herbal medicinal items and supplements as an alternative to chemical medicines.
Because of its particular climate conditions, Cyprus can become an important production country for these items and further attract investments in the agricultural industry. Our Cypriot lawyers can provide further information on this matter.
Even though it has its challenges, Cyprus is a country with a great potential, being adaptable, robust and able to respond to these challenges with vision and imagination.

Requirements for setting up a restaurant in Cyprus

Cyprus represents an open and free market, where non-residents and non-citizens can acquire or begin a new business as a restaurant freely and in the same procedure followed by Cypriot citizens, permanent residents or EU citizens.
When opening a restaurant in Cyprus, a license is required from the relevant authorities, no matter whether the business is started by a Cypriot citizen or a non-resident.
In Cyprus, restaurants have to obtain a Local Authority permit and a Health Ministry Certificate. Our attorneys in Cyprus can assist you with the entire procedure of acquiring these permits and certificates.

Responsibilities and duties of owners or managers of catering businesses in Cyprus

Owners and managers of catering businesses in Cyprus have some of the following obligations:
According to the Catering and Entertainment Establishments (Law No. 29 of 1985), the catering businesses in the country are classified into:
     o Restaurants or taverns;
     o Cafeterias or pizza houses;
     o Pubs or bars;
     o Music and dance establishments;
     o Discotheques;
     o Snack bars;
     o Cabarets.
The plans of the newly proposed business, connected to a newly built real estate or the renovation or transformation of an existing one, have to be submitted to the Cyprus Tourism Organization for approval. That is after securing the town license planning;
Other responsibilities: our lawyers in Cyprus can offer further details on what these other obligations consist of.
For more details on the licenses needed to open a restaurant in Cyprus, please get in touch with our Cypriot law firm.


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