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Obtaining an Immigration Permit for Cyprus

Obtaining an Immigration Permit for Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 06th July 2017

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Obtaining-an-immigration-permit-for-CyprusForeign citizens seeking to move to another country can try and relocate to Cyprus, as the small country is one of the most welcoming states in Europe. Foreigners can immigrate to Cyprus easier as the government has enables various programs based on the reasons they decide to come here. One of the most successful schemes is the Naturalization of Foreign Investors in Cyprus be Exception which provides for several requirements for those immigrating for investment purposes to this country. However, foreign citizens can also immigrate to Cyprus for other reasons. These can acquire a Cypriot immigration permit under the Aliens and Immigration Regulations.

You can obtain information on the legislation related to applying for an immigration permit from our law firm in Cyprus.

Requirements to apply for an immigration permit in Cyprus

First, we must establish that the Cypriot immigration permit is available for those who do not relocate to this country for employment purposes, as they need a work and residence permit to be allowed to work in a Cypriot company.

The main criteria to be fulfilled by foreign citizens applying for a Cypriot immigration permit are:

  • -          they must deposit at least 30,000 euros in a Cypriot bank for a minimum period of three years;
  • -          they must have an annual income of at least 30,000 euros;
  • -          they must buy a property worth at least 300,000 euros, VAT not included;
  • -          the minimum amount paid when filing the application must be 200,000 euros, VAT not included.

Those immigrating to Cyprus with other family members must also secure a minimum monthly amount of 5,000 euros for each child and spouse and 8,000 euros for every parent or parent-in-law. Our attorneys in Cyprus can offer additional information on the requirements related to obtaining an immigration permit.

What are the necessary documents for obtaining a Cypriot immigration permit?

Foreign citizens moving to Cyprus must file the following documents with the Ministry of Interior:

  • -          copy of their passports and of the other family members;
  • -          a CV;
  • -          a receipt showing the bank deposit;
  • -          a declaration stating the annual income of 30,000 euros;
  • -          marriage certificate, where applicable;
  • -          children’s birth certificates, where applicable;
  • -          a declaration of the applicant and spouse stating they will undertake any employment;
  • -          criminal records of the applicant and the dependents;
  • -          health insurance for the applicant and the dependents;
  • -          the title of ownership of the property bought in Cyprus.

Foreign citizens who obtain Cypriot immigration permits must not live here, but they are required to enter the country at least two times per year.

For assistance in applying for an immigration permit, please feel free to contact our lawyers in Cyprus.



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