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Obtaining a Visa for Cyprus

Obtaining a Visa for Cyprus

Updated on Monday 05th October 2015

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Obtaining-a-Visa-for-CyprusTypes of Cypriot visas

EU foreign citizens travelling or moving to Cyprus are not required to apply for a visa, while foreign nationals of non-EU countries must apply for a specific type of visa according to the purpose of their journey. All visa applications must be filed with the Cypriot embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. The Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the following types of visas:

  • -          short-stay visas,
  • -          long-stay visas,
  • -          transit visas,
  • -          student visas.

Cypriot short-stay visas are divided into travel or multiple-entry visas. Our lawyers in Cyprus can guide you through the visa application procedure.

Applying for a Cypriot visa

Cypriot visas are issued depending on the purpose and the duration of stay of the foreign citizen travelling to the country. Short-stay visas are usually issued for a year and allow a foreign citizen to enter Cyprus several times. Multiple-entry visas are usually employed by foreign investors doing business in Cyprus at they allow them to enter the country at any time.

Long-stay visas are issued for those seeking employment in Cyprus, but also for those opening a business in the country. Foreign citizens applying for a long-stay visa may opt for one of the following:

  • -          the type A visa for Cypriot sole traders in the agricultural area,
  • -          the type B visa for sole traders in the mining industry,
  • -          the type C visa for professionals,
  • -          the type D visa for those with an academic or scientific degree.

Another type of Cypriot visa is the F type which allows foreign citizens to live in the country without taking a job. The F type visa is suitable for foreign citizens retiring to Cyprus. All visa applications are subject to different fees which is why it is best to first verify with a Cypriot law firm what the charges for visa applications are.

Documents required when applying for a Cypriot visa

Foreign citizens are required to submit the following documents when applying for e Cypriot visa:

  • -          an application form,
  • -          a valid passport,
  • -          proof of travel arrangements which could include a flight ticket or proof of accommodation,
  • -          proof of financial means.

Also, depending on the purpose of the travel, the Cypriot embassy or consulate might ask for additional documents, such as letters from the employer or bank references.

For more information about visa applications, please contact our attorneys in Cyprus.




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