Notary Services in Cyprus

Notary Services in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 18th May 2021

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The public notary is an officer of the public system which is meant to offer various services related to non-contentious matters. In Cyprus, the role of public notaries is taken by attorneys who can guide civil and commercial clients in various matters.
Below, our lawyers in Cyprus explain the notary services they can offer.

Public notaries in Cyprus

According to Chapter 2 in the Advocates Law, lawyers in Cyprus have the right to carry out notarial duties, as the public notary notion does not exist. All lawyers conducting notarial activities must be part of the Cyprus Bar Association. The only notarial activity admitted by Cypriot laws is that of certifying officers that have the right to authenticate documents. Cypriot certifying officers are nominated by the Ministry of the Interior and are not required to be lawyers in order to conduct their activity.

Legalization of documents in Cyprus

All documents drafted in Cyprus with the intention of being recognized by foreign authorities must be legalized. The legalization of documents in Cyprus is conducted by lawyers acting as public notaries. One way of legalizing a document is to place an apostille on the document or to legalize it with the local embassy or consulate of the country in Cyprus.
Cyprus is a signatory member of the Hague Convention on Private International Law, Convention that was also enacted as the national Law 178/86. The Convention allows a simplification in the formalities required to legalize documents. The Convention created a simplified procedure of authentication of documents finalized with a certificate, called an apostille, on the document.  The apostille means a document carrying it is considered authentic under the provisions of the Hague Convention.
In case of Cypriot powers of attorney that are some of the most employed legalized documents, the authentication is comprised of few steps:
  • first, the Cypriot notary will attest the power of attorney was signed before him,
  • the power of attorney will then be presented to the commissioner’s office where a specimen of the notary is kept,
  • the commissioner will attest the signature and place a seal on the power of attorney.
Once these formalities are accomplished, the power of attorney will be delivered to the Ministry of Justice in Nicosia who will apostille the document.

Notary services available in Cyprus

Among the notary services provided by our law firm in Cyprus are:
  • powers of attorney,
  • contract authentication,
  • house rental contract authentication,
  • transfer of property at the Cypriot Land Register,
  • certified copies of documents.

Assistance in opening companies in Cyprus

Our Cypriot attorneys can take on the role of certifying officers and help foreign investors who want to open companies here.  As public notaries we can help with:
  • drafting and certifying the statutory documents of the company;
  • filing the company’s incorporation documents with the Trade Register in Cyprus;
  • preparing and certifying other documents needed to obtain licenses in Cyprus;
  • representing foreign investors in their relations with the authorities in Cyprus.
Our law firm in Cyprus can also guide foreign company owners who want to hire foreign personnel and who need notary services for certifying the documents needed for the issuance of work permits.

Notary services for relocating to Cyprus

Cyprus was one of the first European countries to have an immigration program for foreign businessmen. In order to be able to relocate to Cyprus, a foreigner will need to have various documents translated and certified, a case in which our public officers can help.
Among the notary services we offer related to immigration for business purposes we mention:
  • preparing, translating and certifying passports and other identification papers needed for immigration;
  • submitting all the paperwork requested by the authorities with the immigration offices in Cyprus;
  • preparing and notarizing the papers needed to purchase properties under the Golden Visa program in Cyprus;
  • handling the registration process of companies incorporated as foreign investors moving to Cyprus under the investment program;
  • certifying the documents showing the applicant fulfills the conditions requested under the Golden Visa program.


The authentication of public documents in Cyprus

In order to be considered legal and be acknowledged by various authorities, official documents must be apostilled and signed by a public notary in Cyprus. Among these documents, we can mention the following:
  • identification papers and passports,
  • birth and death certificates,
  • marriage and divorce certificates,
  • criminal records,
  • translations of the documents presented above.
In the case of corporate documents, these can take the form of the Memorandum and Articles of Association used to incorporate companies (it should be noted that the Trade Register does not accept unauthenticated documents), contracts, translations of Certificates of Registration, statements and powers of attorney through which directors and secretaries are appointed.
All these papers can be authenticated by our lawyers who can also help you set up a business in Cyprus if you want to.

Notary services for individuals in Cyprus

Both juridical and natural persons require the assistance of public notaries in Cyprus. When it comes to the second category of clients, notaries can assist in a wide range of matters, among which:
  1. drafting of marriage contracts (pre-nuptial agreements),
  2. drafting of almost every type of will acknowledged by the Cypriot law
  3. preparation of rental and lease contracts,
  4. drafting of real estate pre-sale and sale agreements.
Apart from these, considering notary services are usually provided by Cypriot lawyers, clients can also benefit from the verification of these documents.
In the case of foreign citizens who need such services in Cyprus, we can help them with the certification of various documents, such as identification papers.
When it comes to drafting wills, these can be written down by a person, however, it needs to be authenticated by a notary. There is also the option of having it prepared directly by the public notary. Also, different requirements apply when it comes to the validity of a testament depending on the way in which it was drafted. For example, when prepared by a person, there will appear the need of witnesses.
Considering these are sensitive matters, we advise you discuss with our lawyers on the best wat to act.

Assistance in real estate matters in Cyprus

Many times, a Cypriot public notary is a great help when dealing with real estate matters, as all documents related to the transaction, be it a purchase or rental, must be authenticated.
The public notary can attest documents like pre-sale agreements in order to make sure the deal will be concluded, especially when an advance payment is made. Then, the sale-purchase contract must also be apostilled in order to be accepted by the Land Registry when issuing the new property title.
In case of rentals, it is always a good idea to have the lease or tenancy agreement authenticated in order to make sure it complies to the regulations imposed in this country.

Representation that requires powers of attorney drafted by Cypriot notaries

There are many situations in which local and foreign natural persons and companies decide to use the services of legal representatives for various matters. This is why, these decide to issue powers of attorney through which they can be represented in cases like:
  • trademark registration which is known for taking a lot of time;
  • court actions where regular presence is required;
  • disputes related to matters in which the parties involved do not need to be present all the time, such as debt collection procedures;
  • inheritance matters.
Those who want to register trademarks in or outside Cyprus can benefit from the support of our lawyers who, with the help of a power of attorney, can represent them during the entire procedure that can span over several months and up to one year. As a matter of fact, as the number of trademark applications is growing, so is the number of those requesting specialized services for this purpose.
Certification of signatures is also possible in Cyprus, as many persons appointed to handle various matters of behalf of others need to have the right to sign various documents. For this purpose, they need to file a certified specimen of their signatures with the authorities requesting them to.

Notary services for businesspersons and companies in Cyprus

Foreign and local businesspersons are among those who require the services of Cypriot public notaries on a regular basis as most documents they need to prepare must be certified and apostilled. Foreign investors can use such services for a wide range of legal matters they need to have taken care of remotely. They can appoint local representatives, such as our Cyprus-based lawyers, who can handle various matters on their behalf.
 When starting a business in Cyprus, a public notary can draft and authenticate company documents, such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association of all legal business forms. The Cypriot notary can also prepare partnership agreements, if this is the choice of local or foreign entrepreneurs. Moreover, it is possible for franchise or joint venture contracts or other legal documents to be certified or apostilled by notaries.
Business owners have the right to make various amendments to the Articles of Association of their companies, case in which the new documents must be certified by a notary. One of the most important changes in a Cypriot company’s documents refers to alteration of the share capital which can be increased or decreased.
It is also possible for companies to go through mergers and acquisitions, and many of the documents must be authenticated by a notary before being filed with the Cyprus Companies House. As a matter of fact, no official documents pertaining to a business can be filed without being authenticated by a public notary. When copies of identification papers, translations, or declarations are submitted with the Central Register of Companies, these too must be certified as true copies.
These must abide by specific regulations and bear certain elements, such as the signature and apostille of the public notary. These are also the marks through which you can verify the legality of an official paper in certain cases.
Shareholders who decide to create agreements that regulate their relations in the company can also have these documents authenticated.
The creation of other non-corporate forms such as foundations, associations, and trusts also require the authentication of the establishment deeds by a public notary in Cyprus.
Our lawyers in Cyprus can offer detailed information on the public notary services that can be obtained in this country.

Can foreign citizens use the services of notaries in Cyprus?

Yes, foreign citizens who have various activities to complete in Cyprus, can use the services of notaries in this country. No matter if they are in the phase of buying properties or need to apply for residence permits, these must have copies of their passports and IDs submitted with various authorities. These copies must be authenticated in order to be accepted by the respective agencies.
Foreign citizens who decide to get married in Cyprus and decide to create prenuptial agreements must have them drafted before a notary for these to hold legal weight and to be recognized in case of divorce. Notarized documents are usually acknowledged in other countries too (however, each country has its own regulations in this regard).
It is best to verify with our law firm in Cyprus the main requirements you need to comply with if you are travelling here from another country and need the services of a public notary.

Choosing a public notary in Cyprus

In many cases, there are various public notaries offices in Cypriot cities, case in which one can easily find one. It is also possible to find a notary based on recommendations or by simply using the services of a law firm in Cyprus when it comes to matters that also require legal attention.
In order to verify a lawyer who can provide notary services, it is sufficient to search him/her with the Cyprus Bar Association.
Our lawyers are members of the Bar Association and our services are available in large cities like Limassol, Paphos, and Nicosia.

Why ask for our notary services in Cyprus?

Our attorneys in Cyprus have experience in a wide variety of legal matters, including certifying documents. We combine legal advice with public notary services in order to offer complete assistance to the clients who need a one-stop service at affordable prices. Our customers can benefit from both legal counseling and notary services in Cyprus under very advantageous conditions.
Our Cypriot lawyers can explain all the requirements related to moving to Cyprus.

Cyprus’ economic status

According to recent information issued by Focus Economics:
  • in 2019, Cyprus’ economy increased by 3.2% followed by a drop because of the Covid-19 crisis,
  • in 2021, however, it is expected to rebound and register an increase of 4.5%,
  • for 2022 also predictions are optimistic with a forecast growth of 4%.
You can also watch our video on notary services in Cyprus:


FAQ on notary services in Cyprus

  1. Is it hard to find a public notary in Cyprus?
No, it is not hard, as there are plenty offices around the country.
  1. If I am a foreigner, can I get in touch with a notary before arriving in the country if I need help?
Yes, you can contact the notary and even schedule a meeting in advance in order to not delay your matters here.
  1. How long would it take for documents to be apostilled?
It usually depends on the number of documents, however, it is recommended to consider sending the documents a few days ahead the date you need them.
  1. How much does it cost to have some documents notarized?
Even there are certain recommended fees, each notary has his/her own tariffs which can vary. You should also know that the fees are established based on the number of documents to be apostilled.
You can contact our attorneys in Cyprus for details about all available legal services.