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Notary Services in Cyprus

Notary Services in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Notary-Services-in-CyprusPublic notaries in Cyprus

According to Chapter 2 in the Advocates Law, lawyers in Cyprus have the right to carry out notarial duties, as the public notary notion does not exist. All lawyers conducting notarial activities must be part of the Cyprus Bar Association. The only notarial activity admitted by Cypriot laws is that of certifying officers that have the right to authenticate documents. Cypriot certifying officers are nominated by the Ministry of the Interior and are not required to be lawyers in order to conduct their activity.

Legalization of documents in Cyprus

All documents drafted in Cyprus with the intention of being recognized by foreign authorities must be legalized. The legalization of documents in Cyprus is conducted by lawyers acting as public notaries. One way of legalizing a document is to place an apostille on the document or to legalize it with the local embassy or consulate of the country in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a signatory member of the Hague Convention on Private International Law, Convention that was also enacted as the national Law 178/86. The Convention allows a simplification in the formalities required to legalize documents. The Convention created a simplified procedure of authentication of documents finalized with a certificate, called an apostille, on the document.  The apostille means a document carrying it is considered authentic under the provisions of the Hague Convention.

In case of Cypriot powers of attorney that are some of the most employed legalized documents, the authentication is comprised of few steps:

  • - first, the Cypriot notary will attest the power of attorney was signed before him,
  • - the power of attorney will then be presented to the commissioner’s office where a specimen of the notary is kept,
  • - the commissioner will attest the signature and place a seal on the power of attorney.

Once these formalities are accomplished, the power of attorney will be delivered to the Ministry of Justice in Nicosia who will apostille the document.

Notary services available in Cyprus

Among the notary services provided by our law firm in Cyprus are:

  • - powers of attorney,
  • - contract authentication,
  • - house rental contract authentication,
  • - transfer of property at the Cypriot Land Register,
  • - certified copies of documents.

You can contact our attorneys in Cyprus for details about all available legal services.




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