Marriage Registration in Cyprus

Marriage Registration in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2015

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Marriage-Registration-in-CyprusCivil marriages in Cyprus

Civil marriages date back in 1923, according to the Civil Code in Cyprus. Because of the relatively simple procedure, Cyprus is a common destination for foreign citizens wanting to get married. In 2003 Cyprus enabled the Marriage Law which enables citizens to apply for a marriage license to the Marriage Officer of the Municipality they desire. However, there are few requirements couples must comply with before getting married in Cyprus.

Our lawyers in Cyprus may provide you with all the relevant details about getting married.

What are the steps to be followed when getting married in Cyprus?

The first step for getting married in Cyprus is to set up a prenuptial appointment with the Marriage Officer. Both parties must attend the meeting in which they will submit their notice of marriage. Together with the notice of marriage, both parties must also submit separate declarations confirming there is no impediment for the marriage to be registered. They must also declare all necessary consents have been obtained, or that there is no necessity to obtain consent. In certain cases, parties may also be required to appear in front of a Cypriot District Court and make a sworn declaration confirming they are not married. Once the formalities are completed, the couple must register their marriage between 15 days and 3 months. However, the Marriage Officer may also celebrate an urgent marriage, by issuing a special marriage license within three days.

Civil marriages in Cyprus may also be celebrated by a Registered Minister of Religion in church.

What are the documents to be submitted for marriage registration in Cyprus?

The following documents are required in to register a marriage in Cyprus:

  • - identification papers or documents,
  • - foreign citizens must also submit a certificate of non-impediment issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy or a Cypriot court of justice; the certificate cannot be older than 3 months,
  • - birth certificate with the names of the parents,
  • divorce certificate or Decree Absolute, if applicable,
  • - death certificate of the former spouse, if applicable.

Foreign citizens getting married in Cyprus must also know the Marriage Officer will forward a copy after the marriage certificate to the foreign citizens’ Embassy or Consulate in the country. For complete information about marriage requirements please contact our law firm in Cyprus.