Marriage in Cyprus: Rights and Obligations

Marriage in Cyprus: Rights and Obligations

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Marriage-in-Cyprus-Rights-and-Obligations.jpgForeigners are allowed to get married in Cyprus, provided that they have made several steps for the marriage application. According to the Marriage Law, Cap. 279, in order to be able to marry here, the individual should personally apply for registration at the Town Hall. The marriage can take place in minimum 15 days and maximum three months after the application is completed. Our team of lawyers in Cyprus can provide legal assistance on the applicable legislation to those who are interested in getting married here. 

How to get married in Cyprus 

In order to register for a marriage in Cyprus, the foreigner will need to provide documents attesting that he or she is not married in another country. In this sense, the local legislation requires a formal document issued by a competent authority in the country of origin of the respective person. 
In the case in which the foreigner was married at some point in time, the person will need to provide relevant documents related to the dissolution of marriage, certified by a competent authority in the country of origin (such as a public notary). Our attorneys in Cyprus can offer more details on the documents required here. 

Getting married in Cyprus as a minor  

The applicable legislation allows minors to get married in Cyprus. However, in order to do so, the parents of the minors will need to offer their consent. In the situation in which one of the parents is not able to provide the consent – due to various matters, such as death or incapacity of any kind, the other parent will need to give the marriage consent
If both parents are dead or incapacitated, the consent will be provided by the lawful guardian of the minor, and then the local authorities will be able to proceed to the marriage registration

Specifics of a Cypriot wedding  

Foreigners getting married in Cyprus should be residents here for at least three working days prior to the wedding ceremony. This is available only in the case of those who applied for a Special License. If the foreigners do not have this document, they will need to reside in Cyprus for at least 20 days prior to the marriage ceremony
Such marriages are recognised at a global level, but it is important to know that if the persons getting married will want to have a Catholic ceremony, they will also need to complete a civil ceremony
Persons who need further details on the rights and obligations obtained following a Cypriot marriage are invited to contact our law firm in Cyprus