Forensic Accounting in Cyprus

Forensic Accounting in Cyprus

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-Cyprus.jpgForensic accounting is a procedure which is usually used in litigation proceedings. It represents an extensive analysis on the financial documents of a company, in order to identify various financial actions or to certify the accuracy of such documents, which have to be drafted in accordance with the applicable legislation in Cyprus. Forensic accounting can also be used for risk management procedures and it is usually applied by persons with an extensive experience in the field of accounting and audit, as it requires investigative measures developed in these fields. Our team of lawyers in Cyprus can offer an in-depth presentation on this matter. 


The responsibilities of a forensic accountant in Cyprus 

The forensic accountant analyses the complex structure of the financial aspects of a company registered in Cyprus. Through certain investigative procedures, the forensic accountant will identify various matters referring to the bookkeeping and the financial statements of the company, which should reveal the true image of the respective company. 
Some of the responsibilities of the Cypriot forensic accountant are the following: 
analyse the financial documents to establish evidence in a certain issue;
set up computer applications to present the financial evidence discovered during the audit procedure;
write reports on the findings;
participate as a financial specialists in court proceedings; 
testify as an expert witness.
At the same time, the forensic accountant should be familiar with the applicable legislation for financial and business matters. The specialist will typically perform his or her activity after a person or a legal entity reported a corporate legal issue, such as fraud, breaches of contracts, shareholders disputes and many others; our team of Cypriot lawyers can offer further details. 

Documents analysed by the Cypriot forensic accountant 

A forensic accountant has a very good understanding of the financial procedures and legislation referring to the company’s documents. As a general rule, the accountant will verify the following documents: 
the balance sheet;
the income statement;
the statement of cash flow.
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on how to perform forensic accounting procedures in Cyprus, can contact our Cypriot law firm