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Cost of Living in Cyprus

When relocating to Cyprus for business purposes, which can refer to opening of a company in this country or investing in an investment fund, the foreign businessmen should also take into consideration the average cost of living in one of the Cypriot main cities. This aspect should take into consideration the price of renting an apartment, the utilities costs, transportation costs (with a personal car or by using the public transportation system) and many others. Our team of lawyers in Cyprus can offer advice to those who want to open a business here, as well as to those who want to become Cypriot citizens

Economic Sentiment in Cyprus Increased in December 2016


The economic sentiment in Cyprus increased in December by 3.1 points, showing that the business perspectives available for both local and foreign investors operating on the Cypriot market improved. The Economic Sentiment Indicator increased by 3.1 points, in comparison with the previous month. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Cyprus should know that the increase is a direct effect of the business activities carried out in the fields of services, retail and construction. Our team of lawyers in Cyprus can offer legal assistance on the legal requirements applicable to foreign investors. 

Traded Goods in Northern Part of Cyprus, Increase of 14% in 2016

The Turkish - Cypriot Chamber of Commerce recently announced that the value of traded goods in the northern part of the country increased by 14% at the level of 2016. In 2015, the value of traded goods was situated at EUR 3.7 million, while in 2016, the overall value rose up to EUR 4.3 million. The estimates take into account the results registered up until the level of August 2016. Businessmen who want to start a company in Cyprus may have positive business prospects in this region and our team of lawyers in Cyprus can provide their assistance for the registration requirements.