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November' 2016 | Archive | Blog

Growing Trends for the Cypriot Shipping Sector

The Cypriot shipping sector can provide consistent business perspectives to the investors who are interested in opening a company in this field. Following a massive infrastructure project, the shipping sector in Cyprus is experiencing a rapid increase in the gross tonnage. This increase is a direct result of a unique taxation system which was implemented by the Cypriot authorities. It is important to mention that this taxation scheme is currently being adopted by other countries as well. Our team of lawyers in Cyprus can assist investors with more legal details referring to the Cypriot shipping industry. 

The Main Aspects of the Cypriot Budget 2017


The Cypriot authorities approved the Budget 2017, which provides many benefits for the local economy. An important aspect related to the Cypriot Budget 2017 is that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will increase by 2,8% per year, in the period of 2017 -2019. Foreign businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Cyprus can have many business opportunities, as the local government is aiming at sustainable growth. In this sense, the Cypriot authorities are interested in increasing the competitiveness in the business environment and to reduce the unemployment rate. Our attorneys in Cyprus can provide more details on how businesses can benefit from the stipulations on the new Budget.