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July' 2016 | Archive | Blog

Advantageous Policies for the Cypriot Financial Sector


The Cypriot economy reported very good results during 2016, which boosted several investment markets. The local government announced that the financial sector in Cyprus will be further sustained through various policies which will attract new investments on the local market. Our team of Cypriot lawyers can offer assistance to foreign investors who want to open a company in Cyprus with operations in the financial sector. 

Tourism in Cyprus Increased by 21% in the First Six Months of 2016


With iconic landscapes and a rich history, Cyprus represents an attractive touristic location for visitors around the world. Cyprus’ economy has always been based on tourism and, therefore, the financial results registered in the field also had good outcomes. 2016 brought a new boost on the local market, as the tourism values increased by 21% in the first six months of the year, compared to the same period of 2015. Businessmen interested in setting up a company related to this industry, such as a tour operator or a travelling agency, can address to our team of Cypriot lawyers for an extensive presentation on the legal requirements which have to be met by such companies.